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Working at Fronius we don't dream of the future. We create it.

Where your energy makes an impact


Fronius India: Local roots - global network

Fronius has evolved from its small beginnings as a family company into an international organisation. Our global workforce now comprises of more than 5600 professionals with 36 subsidiaries and sales representatives in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our global presence means that we have a wide-ranging, international working environment, one that offers opportunities to take up positions abroad.

Since inception in India in 2013, Fronius has swiftly become the most preferred welding equipment supplier in India with more than 25,000 machines currently operational in the country. With our 3 business units, Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging, operational in India, we have seen phenomenal growth and enjoy considerable market share in all our businesses. This has been possible due to a unique passion for what we do. This passion forms the basis of our team camaraderie and work culture. Our people are the foundation of the Fronius culture and thus a major factor in the success of the organization.


Fronius draws on the energy of its highly skilled employees to create a bright future for all. We are particularly proud of our research culture and continue to invest in developing leading-edge technology. Creating the perfect weld seam, generating efficient solar energy and charging batteries are at the heart of everything we do.


Working on sustainable solutions is what unites us and drives us forward. We guarantee that the products we develop will still be able to be repaired well into the future. We’re making a major contribution to the green energy revolution and have every reason to be proud of our products, developments and services.

Our Culture

We want to put the energy that our employees bring to Fronius to good use. That’s why we are constantly striving to maintain a positive corporate culture. It’s what makes us tick.

Thinking ahead

Our teams are always thinking outside the box, diligently transforming visions into trailblazing products and solutions. We work with household names all over the globe to deliver the products of tomorrow.


Our employees let their actions speak for themselves. Anyone who likes getting things done will enjoy working at Fronius. We build on the expertise of our technical teams and acknowledge that even though mistakes happen, they’re an excellent way of learning. New employees quickly feel at home at Fronius, as they’re welcomed with open arms into the Fronius family.


Our products never fail to impress customers all over the world, an outcome that’s achieved through close collaboration between all our departments. We’re a family-owned company, so we’re constantly thinking in terms of the next generation. We want sustainability to be at the core of our business well into the future, so we use our resources wisely.

We deliberately take our time when filling vacancies. Whether a new apprentice or someone joining the management team, whether in sales or supply chain, new team members must also be a good fit. Personal chemistry is just as important as technical expertise. It’s also vital to be curious, have the ability to think outside the box and want to put your energy to good use.

Innovation and regular training are inseparable, as one is not possible without the other. Anyone who wants to shape the future has to be curious and want to know how processes work. Our staff can count on the support they need whenever they want to develop their own particular specialisations: it might be a visit to a conference, some specific training, a textbook or simply a webinar.

The Fronius training programme contains an interesting and wide-ranging selection of topics, from project management seminars to sessions on how to prevent back pain, welding courses and conflict management training.  

We’re a family-owned company. The professionals who work with us enjoy a great deal of freedom. We’ve developed a Buddy System so that new team members quickly feel at home at Fronius and are well-prepared for their career with us. On your very first day, a work-buddy will show you around the premises, introduce you to all the colleagues personally and give you some pointers regarding the time recording system. Your buddy will also explain the principle behind what we refer to as ENERGY/points, the places where we gather for meetings, coffee breaks and informal discussions. Tree plantation is also one of the important rituals for the new joiners. Our comprehensive Orientation Program rounds off the Induction Process at Fronius.

Contact us

Aftab Adenwala or Aditi Roy

+91 2135677428
+91 2135677428

Devendra Gope, area Sales Manager

“Since joining Fronius India almost 4 years ago I have got many opportunities to develop both my sales and marketing skills and my industry knowledge. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me. What makes Fronius stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. Fronius family is very team-driven, and operates in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory .” 
Devendra Gope, Fronius India

Gaurav Aneja, Regional Sales Manager

“Working with brand “Fronius” is really like aged exquisite red wine, more time we devote more we come to enjoy it.

The prime motivation for working with Fronius comes from providing an outstanding service to every customer we cater to. As a company the whole focus lies on extending the excellent customer service experience to our valued clients. What I also enjoy is the flexibility which allows me to be creative and plan my work independently.

I am leading a team and am motivated by the fact that I am able to nurture and help each of my team member grow and letting them shine. During my tenure with Fronius, I have also got the opportunity to develop management plans and create goals that we achieved together and celebrated the success with the entire Fronius Family.”

Gaurav Aneja, Fronius India

Mohamed Aleem, Area Sales Manager

“Fronius to me is what Disneyland is to a child. What I admire is the access to the cutting edge technology in welding, opportunity to enhance the knowledge and hands-on experience in various applications, freedom to learn from mistakes, excellent work culture, unparalleled support & encouragement from the management. In a nutshell, Fronius is a workplace every employee dreams of.”
Aleem Mohamed, Fronius India

Sridaran Eswaran, System Engineer

“This is an amazing opportunity for me. I really love being a part of Fronius India. It’s a great company. I really enjoying working here with Advanced Technology and talented people.”

Shivani Patharabe, Graduate Engineer Trainee

“I got the opportunity to start my career with Fronius India as a Graduate Engineering Trainee. My experience so far has been superb as I got the opportunity to explore my knowledge in different areas and what all I studied in College, I could actually apply that in real life. The exposure is great and the culture is very supportive and I feel like a part of a big family.”

our Business units

Welding Technology: where your energy will help to join metals

Whether in cars or cruise liners, in small local businesses or global industrial plants: where metals need to be flawlessly joined, our Business Unit Perfect Welding has been the global leader for years. We set global standards for arc and resistance spot welding and we’re number one worldwide in robotic welding. We’ve been thinking one step ahead for more than 60 years and are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our professionals not only research, develop and produce, they also support customers from around the world with a range of in-depth services covering everything from plant analysis to specialist training. If you’re looking for a stimulating career where your energy will be well rewarded, you’ve come to the right place.

Solar energy: where your energy goes into creating a green future

A lot of people talk about sustainability, but at Fronius it’s already a reality. Since 1992, our Business Unit Solar Energy has been delivering products and services that make the supply of renewable energy a fact of life. Our leading objective is 24 hours of sun: our vision of a future where 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources. A goal to which we dedicate ourselves day in, day out. We’re therefore concentrating on solutions that will intelligently, efficiently and economically generate, distribute, store and even consume solar energy. It’s a warm feeling to know that the technology we develop makes everyone’s lives a little bit better.

Charging technology: where your energy will help to save resources

The future lies in e-mobility. Although internal combustion engines are still widespread today, electric vehicles will come to the fore in the near future. The single remaining barrier is how best to charge the batteries, as it’s this process that holds the key to the cost-effectiveness of the whole endeavour. It's something that we at Fronius have mastered for more than 70 years and one that we’ve been steadily improving ever since the company was founded. Regardless of the type of battery, what continues to drive us is how to provide the highest levels of energy efficiency and a longer battery service life. Factors, in other words, that guarantee lower costs for our customers. After all, this is another facet of sustainability, and one that all our staff, whether in research, manufacturing or customer service, is immensely proud of.

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