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Meet the solutions: The right PV solution with Fronius


At Intersolar Europe 2024, Fronius will be presenting a full range of efficient and long-term energy solutions. Under the motto “Meet the solutions”, the family-owned company will be showcasing its solar solutions as a holistic provider at the world’s leading trade fair for the solar industry.
Intersolar Europe will be held in Munich from June 19 to 21, 2024. Fronius is highlighting its commitment to European manufacturing, quality, and safety with a 676 m2 exhibition area. The family enterprise will be using this space to present new products, complete and sustainable photovoltaic systems, and customized backup power solutions.

Designed with solutions in mind
Fronius is much more than just an ordinary manufacturer of inverters. For many years now, the PV experts from Upper Austria have been dedicating their know-how to harnessing the power of the sun for every area of daily life. Fronius is always driven by the vision of “24 hours of sun”, a world powered by 100% renewable energy. The family-owned company is stepping up the pace towards the energy transition with multi-award-winning products such as the Fronius GEN24 inverter product family, which together with a BYD battery storage system regularly achieves high rankings in the Energy Storage Inspection run by Berlin University of Applied Sciences, and the Fronius Wattpilot Home 11 J, which came out a winner in the ADAC PV charging solution test in October 2023. These awards are well deserved, because the flexible products and solutions from Fronius not only work perfectly together but can also be optimally adapted to the individual needs of customers thanks to smart technology. Fronius has the right solution for everyone, from beginners to PV experts. In addition to compelling technology and design, the company is also setting new standards with underlying processes in manufacturing and supply chains.

Creating value in the heart of Europe
Install, connect, and harvest solar power—while the installation and commissioning of Fronius inverters is done in no time, the company’s manufacturing comes backed up by decades of careful process optimization. After all, inverters such as Fronius GEN24 or Fronius Verto are indispensable parts of the energy transition. They ensure that solar energy is converted into low-emission electricity, use a smart approach to control energy flows, and seamlessly integrate renewable energies into our power grid. With production sites in Sattledt, Austria, and Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic, Fronius is making European value chains more resilient and creating jobs with vital know-how for a sustainable future in the heart of Europe. In recent years, the company has invested a total of 400 million euros in the expansion of its manufacturing facilities in Europe. “This lets us ensure our products are always available and we’re ready to meet global demand for high-quality PV solutions,” says Martin Hackl, Global Director Marketing and Sales at Fronius Solar Energy.

Tested for a long service life
Very few companies can boast more than three decades of experience in the solar industry. Fronius launched its first inverter, the Fronius Sunrise, back in 1995. Even 30 years later, this revolutionary product is still in use in large numbers. This is down to the specially developed Active Cooling Technology, which gives Fronius inverters an especially long and impressive service life of 20 years or more. Test equipment developed in house is used for testing the performance and service life of all components to ensure they remain reliable for years to come. Fronius leaves nothing to chance after the manufacturing stage either, conducting tests that go far beyond the legal requirements. During so-called burn-in tests, the finished inverters are operated under full load conditions to detect premature defects prior to them leaving the factory. “By taking this approach, we minimize the risk of failures, collect data that let us continually improve our products, and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction,” says Leonhard Peböck from Solutions Marketing at Fronius Solar Energy.

Maximum flexibility with the new Fronius Verto
A new inverter designed for small businesses, agricultural applications, and apartment buildings, Fronius Verto offers maximum flexibility for every PV project. Featuring four high-current MPPTs and a wide input voltage range, it’s also an ideal fit for complex system designs. Whether used in a new PV system or for upgrading an existing installation, Fronius Verto offers maximum protection due to its built-in safety components and ensures optimized yields on every roof thanks to innovative shade management.

12 kW for the Fronius GEN24
Offering proven quality with even more power, the Fronius Symo GEN24 12.0 Plus SC and the Fronius Symo GEN24 12.0 SC hybrid inverters will be added to the award-winning Fronius GEN24 product family from the third quarter of 2024. These inverters offer homeowners even more power with increased AC output power, the capacity to process higher PV module currents, and a PV generator output of up to 18 kWp.

A secure power supply with Fronius
Fronius inverters offer a wide range of backup power supply options to ensure optimum availability of solar power in every situation. All the products in the Fronius GEN24 family come equipped with the PV Point as a basic backup power supply, which delivers solar power to the most important loads via a socket in the event of a power outage. The new PV Point Comfort accessory product can now also permanently supply these loads with power in parallel grid operation.

The Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter offers maximum independence and supplies power to the entire household thanks to the Full Backup option in combination with a battery system. Full Backup operation can be activated in two ways: the Backup Switch is a cost-effective switch for manually switching to backup power mode, while the Backup Controller enables automatic switching. Both components are compact and can be easily installed in the switch cabinet.

Fronius looks forward to seeing you at “The smarter E Europe 2024”.

Intersolar Europe: Hall 4, Stand B4.310

Power2Drive Europe: Hall 6, Stand B6.219

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