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Perfect Welding
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Perfect Welding From Then to Now

Small step, huge impact

Günter Fronius

How it all began

The history of Fronius Perfect Welding began with the company’s establishment in 1950. Founder Günter Fronius saw that welding converters at the time were not making adequate use of energy, so he developed the controllable welding rectifier. The foundations for a new business area had been laid—and welding technology became an indispensable part of the company from that time on. Then came many years of development work with the declared goal of developing a welding system that delivered the same performance using less power.

Our answer came in 1981 in the form of the Transarc 500—the world’s first primary transistor-based inverter welding system. Based on the result of years of research, power consumption fell by around a third and raw material consumption fell by some 80% compared with conventional welding systems at the time.

Click here for the entire company history of Fronius International.

Spirit of evolution creates a global player

CMT - Cold Metal Transfer

Thirst for technical progress

Pioneering, revolutionary, pacesetting: with Cold Metal Transfer, we ignited a paradigm shift in welding technology. The Fronius CMT process, a special variant of the MIG/MAG welding process, impresses with an extremely stable arc. The movement of the welding wire is not a linear progression, but it keeps being retracted. This, together with a continuous on/off action of the arc, results in much less heat being introduced to the workpiece. This made it possible to thermally join galvanized steel and aluminum sheets for the first time in 2005. Even wafer-thin aluminum sheets (from a thickness of 0.3 millimeters) can now be joined using this process.

Further milestones in our company’s history can also be found in LaserHybrid and resistance spot welding. But no matter the field, our technologies have always been pioneers in the world of welding technology. Courage, an inventive spirit, and groundbreaking developments have paid off and ultimately enabled Fronius Perfect Welding to expand internationally.

» We see our passion for welding and our role as the technology leader as essential to our business. An in-depth understanding of the customer is also a key component of our corporate strategy. This means that we take a close look at the customer’s different welding requirements and work with them to devise the optimal solution. «

Harald Scherleitner
Harald Scherleitner, Global Director Sales & Marketing, Perfect Welding

Ready for Industry 5.0. and all that lies ahead

Girl welds with Welducation Simulator

Pioneer in the digital age

Networking, automation, and digitization have fundamentally changed industrial manufacturing—and welding technology is no exception. Developing future-proof solutions is more important than ever. Our welding systems collect information about current, voltage, wire speed, welding speed, and much more. In this way, they support consumption and scrap analyses and play a key role in quality assurance. The WeldCube documentation and data analysis system let users optimize production processes, promptly detect and prevent errors, and significantly reduce costs. Even inexperienced welding professionals can handle complex welding tasks with the guidance of WeldCube Navigator.

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of welding

More realistic than ever: our Welducation Simulator platform lets beginners train on various welding processes in the virtual space. Which sounds like pure fiction so far. But thanks to augmented reality, trainees are closer to reality than ever before—with no noise, use of material, or health risks. The Welducation Campus also means that all training data is stored, comparable, and measurable, and can be viewed from different locations. The Welducation Basic app also supports welder training. This app helps users to build on their fundamental welding know-how through gamification techniques and when paired with WeldConnect, can be used to quickly calculate the relevant welding parameters for manual welding tasks.

» Our technologies inspire and make every join unique. A strong customer focus and the resulting in-depth understanding of the customer are our top priority. This puts us in an even better position to develop systems and solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs—improving production processes in the long term and ultimately reducing costs. «

Harald Langeder
Harald Langeder, Global Director Research & Development, Perfect Welding

Focusing on our customers

Woman is welding outdoors

Unleash your welding potential

To ignite the welding potential of our customers: that is our mission.

As the innovation leader for arc welding and global market leader for robot-assisted welding, we now create both advanced and profitable welding solutions, inspired by our sustainable mindset. We enjoy long-standing relationships with many of our customers. We understand their challenges and perspectives and maintain a close relationship with them through our regional service teams throughout the world. We listen, understand, and therefore shape the mindset of the welding industry.

Our strength lies in combining the knowledge of our customers with our expertise in order to unleash their full welding potential.

Pioneer and solutions provider

We know the big factors driving the industry. While quality requirements are becoming more demanding across the board, the specialist welders required to meet them are in short supply. Resource efficiency is also highly important from an economic and ecological perspective. All technical solutions must protect the health and safety of every welding specialist too.

One thing is clear: people who carry out welding with the optimum protection and a high level of comfort will also achieve consistently high quality. This is why we have made the shortage of skilled workers, sustainability, and health and safety our focus topics and provide the right answers with our know-how and our products.

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