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100% renewable energy for business & government

Make your organization future-proof - with renewable energy.
In doing so, you are opting for the most cost-effective form of energy and laying the foundation for future developments today.

We offer individual and cost-effective solutions that make the changeover particularly easy for you.

  • Solar systems for small commercial enterprises to industrial companies
  • Solutions for carports, office buildings, municipality buildings, and more! 

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Vineyard in France cools wine using solar energy

There is often a false belief that a PV system can only function if the solar modules are south-facing. The photovoltaic system at the „La Lovière“ vineyard proves the opposite: the modules were mounted facing three different points of the compass on seven different roofs. The system costs are even paid off extremely quickly. 

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The special feature of this system is that the energy supply system functions 100 percent autonomously and off-grid in the event of a grid failure. The stability of the electricity supply is of great importance, especially for companies. Power failures can cause a company to lose important data, for example. That is why it is essential to be self-sufficient even during power failures, as Aldo Componentes Eletrônicos has found.

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