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Perfect Charging

I-SPoT Calculator Smart

Discover the potential of your forklift fleet

Find your ideal battery charger system
A simplified version of the extensive Fronius consulting tool I-SPoT Calculator has been developed as a smart web application and can be used on all end devices such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. The web app can be accessed via With this tool, you can find the right charger quickly and easily after inputting only a few parameters and it also calculates the potential savings in terms of energy costs and CO2

Discover the potential of your forklift fleet with I-SPoT Calculator Smart

Intralogistics is a significant cost factor in many companies. Users often view the expenditure on internal material and goods transport tasks as a necessary evil – but without closer inspection, significant potential for savings lies unexploited. Electrically powered forklift trucks, for example, are a significant cost factor due to their energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and procurement and maintenance costs. However, an in-depth analysis and optimal coordination of the three-part system of forklift truck, battery, and charging technology can drastically reduce these costs. As experienced specialists and consultants for the battery charging process, Fronius is ideally placed to support you. With our I-SPoT Calculator tool, our experts provide a precise overview of the ongoing operating costs of your forklift truck system. By taking certain parameters into account, such as the number of weekly charging cycles, the current electricity price, battery capacities and available charging times, Fronius can calculate the potential savings in terms of energy costs, CO2 emissions, and battery and maintenance costs. This allows us to separately gather information and then visualise the forklift truck fleets at different sites and in individual departments – creating the perfect basis for decisions to made on the optimisation measures to be adopted in your business. Now you also have the option of using the I-SPoT Calculator Smart to discover for yourself the potential savings in your intralogistics setup! We have created a web application to work with this simplified version of our costs calculator that you can use on all end devices such as PCs, tablets or smartphones, easily and for free. It is extremely easy to use: just enter some key data about your forklift fleet and the software calculates which of our Selectiva battery charging systems will allow you to save the most energy and CO2.

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